48 Hour Film Festival Young Wild and Free

As part of a Film Festival Project, our crew was given the challenge of creating a ten minute short film in under 48 hours. We had one week to prepare a script with a film genre given to us. Our genre was zombie/apocalypse. On this project I took on the role of producing it and doing post audio within the last 4 hours we had left to edit.  


Lorenzo: Jay

Standy: Desmond

Julles: Megan

Shrey: Lucas

Marie: Infected

Zeliha: Director, Writer

Josephine: DP, Writer

Gio: 1st Lead Editor, Sound Design

Vlad: 2nd Lead Editor

Jules: Head PD

Yoni: Producer, Sound Design

Julian: Graphics

Ellis: Producer, Writer

Conner: Writer, Lead Costume/Makeup

Hassan: 1st AD

Brianna: 2nd AD, Head Grip/Equipment Manager

Bryant: 1st AC, Lighting

Luke: Scripty, PD

Reed: Production Audio

Iraj: Writer, Caterer

Samantha: Lighting, PD

Kento: Caterer, PD

NAthan: Grips, PD

Sofie: Caterer,PD

Janie: Catere, PD

Brielle: Grip