I was given the opportunity to work as a Sound Designer on this short film which was my first large project that I worked on. I was later nominated for best Sound Design at the Orange County Film Festival for my work on this project. 

Orange County Film Festival awards:

Winner of Best Director

Winner of Best Editing

Winner of Best Actor

Winner of Best Production Design

Nominated for Best Short Film

Nominated for Best Story

Nominated for Best Producer

Nominated for Best Sound Design

Inspired by David Lynch’s works

Main Crew:

Director: Samuel Lynch

Executive Producer: Aryan Sureen

Screenplay: Aryan Sureen and Samuel Lynch

Original Score: Charles Page

Lead Actor: Nicolas Felix

Director of Photography: Charles Page

Lead Editors: Aryan Sureen and Julian Smith

Sound Design: Yoni Cohen and Aryan Sureen

Production Design: Julianna Morelli

Special Thanks to FilmEd Academy of the Arts and Rebeccah Phillips